We are in the business of building a dynamic community of women business leaders, women social innovators, women-led institutions and investors committed to solving social problems addressing issues facing education, health, food, technology and climate change. Through our collaborative network, we spark opportunities for KCEO fellows to connect with the resources they need to flourish.

Everything we do is built on four fundamental pillars – Place, Innovation as a Service, Ventures, Data and Technology Services to develop products and services for the ecosystem

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The Problem

According to the latest estimates, 3.4 billion people live in poverty. KCEO is committed and focused to ending extreme poverty in Kibera and Kenya at large through reinventing the future by bringing together the innovation community of women entrepreneurs to grow the economy and make an impact. We are excited by the existing evidence that innovation can drive a new economy and should be more than just a word that’s thrown around. 

Why we exist

To bring positive economic growth and this by inspiring and equipping our women entrepreneurs to dream on a global scale. The startups we support build new solutions not only to create jobs and economic prosperity, but to tackle big problems and improve people’s lives.

Start Your Business

KCEO offers 8 weeks rigorous acceleration for women entrepreneurs transforming them from entrepreneurs to ethical business leaders committed to transforming different sectors with unwavering values, beliefs and drive. KCEO then organizes a public pitch event, or “demo day,” during which the graduating cohort of startup SME’s pitch their businesses to a large group of potential investors for financing and direct feedback.

Mentor an Entrepreneur

KCEO offers leadership development, business development and mentorship programs for start-up founders from urban informal settlement and rural areas in Kenya, exposing them to wide variety of mentors, including successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate executives.

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